At Oris Dental Clinic we perform dental treatments with conscious sedation. This enables us to lower the patient’s levels of awareness so that while the intervention is taking place, they are in a relaxed state and are not aware of the treatment that is being performed.

During sedation, the patient is relaxed and sleepy. This technique also enables faster recovery, thereby allowing patients to return to their daily activities.

Anar a la clínica dental ja no és estressant

Dental treatment with sedation is highly suitable for patients who have a phobia of dentists, and is also suitable for longer procedures, disabled patients, children, etc.

Who can undergo conscious sedation?

At Oris Dental Clinic we offer this type of sedation to:

  • Patients suffering from anxiety.
  • Patients who are phobic or scared of dental treatment.
  • Patients who require dental treatments (whether surgical or non-surgical) that take a long time to perform.
  • Patients who want to feel relaxed and emotionally stable during their treatment.