What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics offers a way to increase self-confidence, improve dental health and create an attractive smile to present to the world.

Nowadays, orthodontics is not just for children. At Oris Dental Clinic we have patients of all ages who want treatment in order to correct the position of their teeth, resolve problems related to chewing, and – of course – improve their smile.

As a clinic that specializes in orthodontics, we know that correctly positioned teeth facilitate good dental hygiene, which in turn reduces the chances of suffering from caries or dental hygiene problems.

“Correctly positioned teeth lower the risk of caries”

The orthodontic treatments provided by Oris Dental Clinic are good for your health and good for your appearance. When the bones and tissues that support the gums are correctly positioned, and when the teeth are correctly aligned, the risk of these tissues deteriorating (the main cause of tooth loss in adults) is minimized.