Specialization and precision

At Oris Dental Clinic, our team includes specialists who have undergone specific training in the field of endodontics and are able to provide the most precise and suitable treatments.

Endodontic reconstruction, or root canal treatment, consists of the removal of the dental pulp, i.e. the interior of the tooth containing the arteries, veins, nerves and connective tissue that nourish the tooth. When the pulp is inflamed or infected, it must be removed in order to prevent germs from entering the bone that supports the tooth.

The nerve becomes inflamed because it is infected, and this infection could extend to the bone. The interior of the tooth must be thoroughly disinfected and the site of the infection must fully heal and scar over.

Endodontic treatment requires a great deal of precision, in terms of both diagnosis and execution. For this reason, treatments of this type should be carried out by professionals who have undergone specific training in this field.