Dental aesthetics


Having an attractive smile is very important for most people. At Oris Dental Clinic, located in the neighborhood of Les Corts in Barcelona, we know that dental aesthetics make it possible to modify the shape and color of teeth using a variety of techniques.

One example is teeth whitening: a treatment that enables us to change the color of teeth and give them a lighter tone. This is achieved through simple procedures that can be done in the clinic or in your home.

In addition to color, there are other techniques that allow us to change the shape of the teeth. To achieve this, and thereby improve the patient’s dental aesthetics, at Oris Dental Clinic we use dental veneers, which can be ceramic or resin depending on the needs of each patient.

Ceramic veneers

Dental veneers are used in precision treatments for dental aesthetics as a means to correct a smile that is impaired, whether through alterations to the color or shape of the teeth. A ceramic veneer is a thin layer that covers the entire front of the tooth and is attached using resin cement. It does not require any complicated or painful interventions and provides excellent long-term results.