3D imaging

Comfort and convenience

In line with our continued efforts to provide the very best medical care possible, Oris Dental Clinic is equipped with the most advanced 3D imaging technology: namely, a 3D CT scan system, which enables us to obtain three-dimensional images of the jaws and teeth.

The use of 3D CT scans gives us greater accuracy and precision in terms of both diagnosis and treatment

3D CT technology enables us to formulate a more accurate diagnosis and develop a more precise treatment plan. For example, it allows us to perform computer-guided surgery, thereby making the entire treatment process more comfortable for the patient.

Example of a 3D CT scan taken at Oris Dental Clinic and used to make a diagnosis.

Thanks to our use of this technology, we are able to offer our patients increased comfort and convenience, as they no longer need to schedule a separate visit to the radiology department at a hospital or imaging center.

3D imaging also helps our professionals to provide better care to our patients. This technology provides greater confidence and accuracy regarding diagnosis and treatment, through the use of techniques such as 3D CT scans of the dental and maxillofacial areas.

Detail of a 3D CT scan taken at Oris Dental Clinic.